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Get Verified For Adult Adoption Group

The Adult Adoption group was created for those that are seeking the love and acceptance of a family. Sometimes kids age out of foster care and become adults without a real family to love and be loved by. Some people lose family/parents to death or controlled substances. Some like our founder lose these instrumental relationships due to estrangement. For whatever the reason is, the desire to be loved and accepted never goes away.

The group is designed to help foster new family relationships to fill those voids. Our Facebook group is growing at a viral rate. Though it's private there is still an open door for scammers to get in and exploit those that are vulnerable and just looking for family. That's why we created a new private and secure group only for those that are willing to verify their identity. We want to keep our members safe from money scams, human trafficking, and any other criminal activities that would threaten the safety of our legit members. 

Below is a simple form to fill in that will get you access to the ID Verification link sent to your email. You will only pay $37 one-time and have a lifetime membership into the group. Another benefit to this group is that you will have access to resources like e-books and courses to help aid in building healthy new relationships, also resources to guide you through the legal adult adoption process (US ONLY.)

This is 100% secure and we are only accepting those that are really serious. The free group will remain open but there are great benefits to being verified.


* Please check email for a link to verification. Please allow up to 48 hours for the link to show. After you are successfully verified you will receive a link to invite you into our safe and secure community.

Keep our community safe- get verified

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