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Naomi’s Connect is an American multinational technology whose developer company Naomi’s Connect Technology, LLC is headquartered in McDonough, Georgia. It is a family-friendly interactive software application. The application is developed to utilize core technologies of the Naomi’s Connect platform; which has been developed to connect mothers with daughters around the world. Imagine a technology application that gives motherless women the ability to locate and network with mother-figures from around the world until they have found the perfect match. Naomi’s Connect is providing mothers to our global community and helping curve the statistics of mother lessness. This application has in it the ability for mothers to instant message their newfound daughters, it allows women to get the latest news on mothering, it also provides women with the opportunity to network with other women just like them in support groups, meet-ups, on social media groups created within the app, and more. This application has brought on a new age that fills the void of mother lessness. Naomi’s Connect is changing the world, one mother at a time.

(The old app still works if you downloaded prior to January 2022. We have removed the old app from the market place and will be replacing it with a new build in Spring 2023)

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Many young girls dream of their life being like Barbie. Perfect! However, as life continues you run through bumps and bruises that remind you that the street that the Dream House sits on is not such a smooth ride. Jasmine Dudley experienced many traumas growing up such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional neglect! As she matriculated through her adolescent years she noticed a pattern of always wanting in her heart to be connected and loved by any woman willing to take her and mother her. As she grew older she quickly realized that she was not solo in this heart cry. This is why she created Naomi's Connect. To answer the cry of every little girl inside of the woman that still just "needs a mom"!


Naomi's Connect is set out to be a technology that answers to a worldwide void in the hearts of some women. The women that miss that mothering love and touch, and the woman that wants to connect to daughters to share her life with. Through this technology women from around the world will be able to connect with one another to silence that void. 


Naomi's Connect App uses algorithms that connects mothers to daughters, and daughters to mothers. Through the app, users will be able to engage in real-time messages, live social media with the ability to post picture and video updates, video chats, safe forums to ask questions. 




Would you like an opportunity to invest in a ground-breaking application, for a generous ROI? We are now accepting investors to help fund the next level of Naomi's Connect.  
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